Teleprospecting: A Crucial Component of a Mature Marketing Strategy

Generating and converting sales-ready leads is vital for business growth. While digital channels are ideal for delivering a high quantity of leads, it is teleprospecting that ensures higher lead conversion.

Dunthorpe Marketing Group has designed a calling methodology that systematically results in the conversion of more leads, faster. From flow charts to metrics to understanding—and applying—best practices of teleprospecting, DMG is a leader in making every call count.

DMG has developed a standard model to capture this optimized calling method. We offer a workshop to coach internal teleprospecting teams on how to adopt our “best practices” methodology—we run pilots using both DMG teams and your internal team in parallel to test out proposed methods and set new benchmarks for success.

Marketing automation and lead scoring can never completely replace the human touch in lead qualification. No automation system, not matter how well designed, will do this as well as a human. Plus, having a human interaction with leads gives you an opportunity to move the relationship forward. — Jon Miller, Co-Founder of Marketo


DMG’s Standard Work Model for Lead Qualifying Call Flow

DMG has developed a robust and systematic methodology to consistently deliver best results. By adhering to an optimized call flow, experienced teleprospecting representatives are able to efficiently and effectively build targeted databases, qualify prospects, generate and nurture leads, and grow targeted databases.


Teleprospecting Flow Chart


Improving lead Conversions with Teleprospecting

Lead generation used to be a primary goal, and challenge, for marketing teams. With raw leads now readily culled from a variety of digital sources—from content downloads on corporate websites to pay-per-click ads on search engines—attaining a quantity of leads is no longer the main objective.

The challenge today is qualifying raw leads and quickly converting them into sales-ready leads.

Few marketing teams are effectively doing so. Sixty-one percent pass all leads to their sales counterparts without any qualification[1]. Because a majority of these raw leads do not represent an immediate sales opportunity, they are largely ignored by sales reps. The resulting consequences are threefold:

  1. True, sales-ready opportunities are being left on the table
  2. Raw leads are not being nurtured and converted over time
  3. Marketing and sales teams risk falling short of their pipeline and revenue goals


Dunthorpe Marketing Group’s two-step formula for improving lead conversions combines continuous lead scoring with timely telequalification.

Step 1: Continuous Lead Scoring

Marketing and sales teams must agree on the criteria that separates a raw lead from a sales-ready lead. Scoring criteria and thresholds help categorize leads, defining exactly when they are ready for telequalification, sales engagement or additional nurturing.

Once these criteria are established, organizations can continuously score, track, route and convert leads, often using marketing automation tools. Doing so enables the quick identification of sales-ready prospects within a pool of raw leads, and marketing and sales activities can be tailored to each lead’s state of sales readiness.

Step 2: Timely Telequalification

The leads that hold promise but have not yet exceeded the scoring threshold for sales engagement, such as first-time responders, are telequalified. Proactively contacting leads in a personal and timely fashion—after they have shown interest by downloading a piece of content, responding to a marketing campaign or clicking on a search engine ad—will give tremendous insight into their state of sales readiness. Giving the prospect a variety of options during these telequalification calls—often “cascading offers” of a sales meeting, online group product demo and educational asset—will further inform and speed up the lead qualification and conversion process.


The benefits of continuous scoring with timely telequalifcation are obvious, and proven. Marketing teams will unearth greater value out of their inbound leads and outbound lead generation activities by:

  • Identifying sales-ready prospects amidst a sea of raw leads Increasing the speed of lead conversions
  • Enabling sales resources to focus squarely on the highest quality leads (no more cold calls!)
  • Mining value and sales potential from lead pools that are untapped or disregarded
  • Tailoring marketing and sales activities to each prospect’s state of sales readiness


Exhibit A. Tektronix

A world leader in the design and manufacture of test and measurement solutions, Tetronix used Dunthorpe Marketing Group’s formula for improving lead conversion within an Account-based Marketing model. Telequalification was used on a highly targeted and verified list that had first been warmed up with a dimensional mailer containing relevant educational and product material, as well as a fun 3-D puzzle that aligned with the value proposition. Fifty-two percent of targeted leads contacted through telequalification accepted an offer, expediting the qualification and conversion process:

  • 18 percent agreed to a sales meeting (going from raw-to-sales-ready within one campaign effort)
  • 34 percent accepted an email-based content offer

“Dunthorpe Marketing Group gained us traction and immediate value with an audience that had been hard to crack using only digital methods. The success they achieved means we now have a proven model we can use to scale efforts and deliver immediate results with these highly valuable target accounts.” — DN, Technical Marketing Manager

Exhibit B. Mentor Graphics

Electronic design automation software leader Mentor Graphics has also used Dunthorpe Marketing Group’s formula for improving lead conversions. Fifty-eight percent of inbound leads contacted through telequalification responded to an offer, boosting the speed of conversion and the quality of leads passed to sales reps.

  • 12 percent agreed to a sales call (full raw-to-sales-ready conversions!)
  • 17 percent registered for an online webinar
  • 30 percent accepted an email-based content offer

“Dunthorpe Marketing Group helped speed up our lead qualification and conversion process, increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our marketing and sales activities. The results have been outstanding.” — H.G, Marketing Programs


[1] Marketing Sherpa, 2015 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report