The Work Before the Work

"Nothing existed, this was all uncharted territory for this organization," recalls Jay. "Our lead management process, our database, our inventory of content, our ability to assess and optimize marketing investments. Everything."

In his new role as Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development for one of the world's fastest growing providers of dental solutions, Jay wanted a closed-loop system. One that would validate the performance of campaigns, align marketing and sales processes and enable continuous measurement and improvement.

He turned to Dunthorpe Marketing Group.

"I had worked with Dunthorpe in the past," says Jay. "They bring very strong tools and best practices to the table that are easy for everyone to understand, and they are consistently excellent in their execution and follow up."

At Jay's behest, Dunthorpe organized and led a four-day "Kaizen," or strategic planning workshop, with the company's marketing and sales leaders. The ambitious goal: Assess and optimize the company's entire marketing operation.

"What we accomplished in those four days was incredible, and every minute was purposeful," says Jay. "We came away with a much better understanding of our customers, the gaps in our content resources, the health of our database and the ways to optimize our lead management process. Those are big, meaty deliverables."

"It was an amazing workshop," adds Allison, an inside sales manager at the company. "Dunthorpe did a wonderful job keeping all of us engaged and truly leading us down the road we needed to go down. They set a high bar for Kaizens and what can be accomplished in a short amount of time."

Boosting the role and impact of marketing

According to Jay, one of the most important outcomes of the Kaizen was the least expected.

"We had always played a supporting role focused on sales enablement," he explains. "Marketing never played a role directly contributing to top line business performance. We never owned a revenue goal. Dunthorpe helped everyone both marketing and sales understand the strategic role that marketing can play in our company's growth and success. From an emotional standpoint, it was empowering. And it was something we didn't expect."

The Kaizen has placed our company on a better path, he adds. Target customers and the buyer journey are now understood, lead management processes and handoffs are now defined and content assets and technology tools are being augmented accordingly. Best of all, the marketing and sales teams are now on even footing and working hand-in-hand to meet the company's growth objectives.

"Dunthorpe listens and adjusts and communicates better than any agency I've worked with," says Jay. "We could not have done this without them."

  • Day One included an examination of the organization's current state including business objectives, marketing and sales processes, customer touch points, technology tools and content resources as well as the desired future state.
  • Day Two was spent characterizing audience personas, the buyer journey and the most common customer questions.
  • Day Three included a content audit and gap analysis.
  • Day Four brought it all together, with the development of a refined lead flow map and an action plan for improving the marketing team's processes, content and technology tools.