Your Partner in Kaizens and Workshops

With a passion for improving outcomes, it’s been a logical step for Dunthorpe Marketing Group to adopt the ‘kaizen’ method of continuous improvement in helping our clients optimize their lead flow and marketing processes. This method is embraced by many of DMG’s clients, and DMG has been invited to lead kaizens on topics such as lead process improvement, campaign planning, buyer journey modeling, and marketing automation nurture planning. DMG works with a company to prepare the charter, fine tune the agenda to exactly meet its requirements, and create detailed content to lead the team through an intuitive and productive process. Below is a sample agenda:

  • Day 1—Starts with an examination of the organization’s current state including business objectives, marketing and sales processes, customer touch points, technology tools and content resources as well as the desired future state. In addition, we map how a lead flows from entry point to close and identifying the triggers, systems and values that support each step in the lead flow process.
  • Day 2—Is focused on characterizing audience personas, their buyer journey and the most common buyer questions each persona has at each stage in their buyer journey.
  • Day 3—Delves into a content audit of how current content tracks to the distinct personas and buyer journey questions. We also identify and brainstorm content to fill the gap.
  • Day 4—Brings it all together, with the development of a future state lead flow map and an action plan for improving the marketing team’s processes, content and technology tools.

The outputs of each session are captured daily in standard templates, so there can be immediate implementation of the action plan mapped out at the end of the kaizen.

“Dunthorpe did a wonderful job keeping all of us engaged and truly leading us down the road we needed to go down. They set a high bar for kaizens and what can be accomplished in a short amount of time.” — Inside Sales Manager, Danaher OpCo



DMG has developed and lead workshops and kaizens on this range of topics for companies such as Tektronix, Fluke Biomedical, Leica Biosystems, Sciex, and KaVo Kerr.

Lead Flow and Marketing Automation Tune Up/Overhaul

Content overview for 2-3 day workshop:

  • Map current lead flow
  • Identify the problems and wastes
  • Recommend an optimized lead flow moving forward
  • Define universal lead status definitions and triggers
  • Conduct a marketing automation platform audit
  • Determine current marketing automation maturity
  • Prepare roadmap to ensure optimized architecture across multiple platforms and campaigns

This workshop is designed to help diagnose problems within a lead flow process and its downstream impact on marketing automation platform – finding root cause – and mapping out changes and actions needed to optimize both the lead flow and the automation architecture.


Content and Buyer Journey Modeling

Content overview for 3 day workshop:

  • Prepare and validate personas
  • Map the buyer journey by stage
  • Identify content themes in the buyer journey for each persona and stage
  • Map content to the buyer journey
  • Identify gaps in content
  • Prioritize and brainstorm new content
  • Review content development process to identify roadblocks

Included in this workshop are actual bad/good examples of audited content and campaign elements (landing page, email, white paper, case study, etc.) with optimization recommendations. Pre-work could include actually optimizing the examples, and reporting before and after results.


MA Campaign Planning Across the Buyer Journey

Content overview for 2 day workshop:

  • Audit current MA campaigns
    • Pre-work to review health of current MA campaigns
    • Spotlight potential for optimization
  • Determine campaign drivers
    • Audience segments
    • Objectives
    • Buyer journey stages
    • Persona and buyer stage appropriate topics and content
    • Behavior goals and desired outcomes
  • Recommend campaign structure and logic
    • Program type (nurture versus triggered) / Define program entry and exit points
    • Touch points Offers
    • Asset gating (forms) / Lead routing Cadence
    • Prepare logic documentation / Prepare Project Action Plan

This workshop is ideal for teams that are mapping automated email programs for sustained engagement or are working on ways to optimize performance. Agenda supports campaign planning where there are multiple audience segments or personas and an objective to develop nurture activities across multiple buyer stages. Prework will include an ‘audit’ to determine what worked (and didn’t) among existing programs and how to optimize them.


Optimized Teleprospecting at Every Stage of the Buyers Journey

Content overview for 1-2 day workshop:

  • Calling methodology
    • Approach and process
    • Best practices and case studies
  • Call campaign planning
    • Structure and flow for list building, lead generation and qualifying
  • Performance metrics planning
    • Setting caller and campaign performance metrics Forecasting resource
  • Script development
    • Anatomy of a high performing script
    • Drafting script for actual calling campaign
    • Test calls and evaluation
  • Calling team management
    • Performance expectations and management
    • Performance visualization and management


This workshop brings together sales and marketing teams to integrate personas, buyer journey, and campaign content with teleprospecting objectives. This content is based on DMG’s proven optimized calling model that will ensure campaigns extract the maximum opportunity from each call. Attendees will be given a tool to set metrics/KPIs for each calling project. The session ends with teams producing an immediately usable script and feedback on its use for best results.