Marketing Automation

Optimize your automation tools and programs.

Our dedicated technical team has an array of software certifications, but successful marketing automation requires more than tools and technological knowhow. It demands meticulous audience targeting, high-quality data, and compelling content—wrapped in process-driven strategies and campaigns. We can help you with all of it.

  • Automation maturity assessment and roadmap development
  • Platform optimization
  • Program development and lead management
  • Standards documentation and training

DMG offered Icertis strategic value on two axis; it had the talent, skills and hard-earned knowhow to quickly build a large nurture program from scratch; And it was able to draw on metrics-based insights to shape the program to make it successful. Our comfort in investing in a full buyer-journey nurture was that much greater because of their experience and proven methods.

Chris Ries, Director, Demand Generation

Marketing Automation Maturity

As your organization’s marketing maturity increases, so too does the scope and sophistication of your marketing automation activities. Progressing through the stages means moving from reactive one-off batch emails to persona-based triggered programs covering the entire buying journey.

Stages of marketing automation graphic

Want to assess your company’s stage of marketing automation maturity and learn how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing automation platform?

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