Strategy + Consulting

Transform your marketing operations and processes.

Working closely with marketing teams and senior executives, we help develop detailed strategies and operational models that drive successful marketing activities. Through workshops, audits, and in-depth planning, we characterize the current and desired states of your marketing operations and formalize the processes and programs that will push you from point A to point B.

  • Kaizens and workshops
  • Buyer journey and persona development
  • Nurture and campaign planning
  • Sales and marketing process optimization
  • Branding, messaging, and content planning

Dunthorpe Marketing was able to help us organize our thinking around customer personas and then lead us through the process to develop our campaigns. The workshop was extremely productive and allowed our whole team to learn about and buy into digital marketing best practices.

Mark J. Earl, President
Hennessy Industries

What we accomplished in our four day workshop was incredible, and every minute was purposeful. We came away with a much better understanding of our customers, the gaps in our content resources, the health of our database and ways to optimize our lead management process. Those were big meaty deliverables.

JC, VP of Strategic Marketing and Business Development

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